Bible Quizzing is a ministry designed to put the Word of God in the hearts of children. According to Psalm 119:11, thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. That is the backbone of what Bible Quizzing is all about. It helps children mature in intellect, attitude, emotions and most of all, helps them grow spiritually.  While the ministry assists in so many other aspects of a child's life, it also is extremely competitive and exciting!


Tournaments are held at various churches across the state throughout the quizzing season. Quizzing, however, offers much more than just competition and sport.


The program involves falling deeply in love with the Word of God. By becoming involved in memorization, children develop a love and respect for the Bible. The Word is planted in their hearts and dynamically changes their lives


There are two divisions in Junior Bible Quizzing - Beginners for ages 4-8 and Juniors for ages 9 -11. This year the children are quizzing on 192 verses for Beginners and 288 verses for Juniors of the Psalms of David.


For more information, contact: Bro. John Schmidt


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 Arroyo Grande Junior Quiz Team Members

Lilly Delgado, Amy Cutrell, Coach John Schmidt