Bible Quizzing is a ministry designed to put the Word of God in the hearts of children. According to Psalm 119:11, thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. That is the backbone of what Bible Quizzing is all about. It helps children mature in intellect, attitude, emotions and most of all, helps them grow spiritually.  While the ministry assists in so many other aspects of a child's life, it also is extremely competitive and exciting!


Tournaments are held at various churches across the state throughout the quizzing season. Quizzing, however, offers much more than just competition and sport.


The program involves falling deeply in love with the Word of God. By becoming involved in memorization, children develop a love and respect for the Bible. The Word is planted in their hearts and dynamically changes their lives


There are two divisions in Bible Quizzing - A Junior and Senior program. Beginners can start at any age up to 8 yrs old. Junior ages range from  9 to 11 yrs old. Once a quizzer turns 12 yrs of age, they must move up to the Senior Division.  

The Senior division of quizzing has two levels. From age 12 to 15 yrs, a quizzer can quiz in the intermediate division. When a quizzer turns 15 yrs, they must quiz in the experienced division till 18 yrs. This year the children are quizzing on verses in the Book of Psalms of David. Next years material will be coming from the Book of Mark. 

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 Arroyo Grande

Junior Quiz Team Members

Lilly Delgado, Amy Cutrell, Coach John Schmidt

Arroyo Grande Bible quizzing had a great start to the 2020 quiz year.  With a lot of new faces, our program took off with 

immediate success. Our Beginner kids won the novice tournament while our Junior team proceeded to place 3rd, 5th, and 9th respectively in early tournaments.


In March, things came to a screeching halt as the Corona Virus took off and caused several tournament cancellations over the next three months. During that time four of our scheduled tournaments were canceled. At that point, it didn't look good.

When May rolled around, things began to clear up and there was hope that the season would open back up. Coaches were able to start planning again as hope of a finish was in site.

Although Arroyo Grande and other programs were in isolation, teams stayed in contact via the internet and phone. During this time, virtual quiz tournaments were introduced and our quizzers had the opportunity to get to experience two of them.


Then in late May, finally word came that a national tournament was going to happen and the restrictions were starting to be lifted.

Our team got back together and with a reduction in material, started preparing for Little Rock Arkansas where the ABQNT would happen in July. With just 3 weeks to go, the disappointing call came that the tournament had to be canceled. A lot of hard work for naught as the remainder of the season was now canceled and over.


So a sad ending to a rather strange year.  Overall, this was a good year for the most part. The kids did the best under the circumstances and as a coach, I am extremely proud of our two girls who learned a total of 219 verses of Psalms.

Next year will start soon as the kids take a break and ready for school and the such. This upcoming year the kids will be learning and quizzing on the book of Mark. Till then, may God bless and see you soon!